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RCB Power Rankings Week 3

The past week of college basketball brought with it plenty of upsets and a few coronavirus scares. A lot of the movement in our rankings is starting to slow down as teams become more consistent and we get a better picture of how good teams really are. Here are our rankings for Week 3.

  1. Gonzaga (3-0)
    We didn’t get the 1v2 matchup we were looking forward to because of COVID, but we still think they are the best team.
  2. Baylor (3-0)
  3. Iowa (3-0)
  4. Kansas (4-1)
    After barely escaping now 0-4 NDSU, we are hesitant to keep Kansas this high. How they play against Creighton this week will be a good determining factor of where this team is at.
  5. Michigan State (5-0)
    MSU got their first win in Cameron Indoor against Duke in the Champions Classic. How Duke managed to get the Champions Classic to be played at their home court is beyond us.
  6. Illinois (3-1)
  7. Villanova (4-1)
  8. Creighton (3-0)
  9. Duke (2-1)
  10. West Virginia (4-1)
    West Virginia almost upset Gonzaga. Derek Culver and Oscar Tschiebwe have been really good so far.
  11. Houston (4-0)
  12. Texas Tech (4-1)
  13. Wisconsin (3-1)
  14. Tennessee (0-0)
  15. Texas (4-1)
    Texas makes the cut after topping North Carolina and almost beating Villanova. It seems Shaka Smart with hair was the secret all along.

And that’s our list for this week! Landen and I were both pretty busy last week, so no mid-majors to watch or biggest fallers this time around, but we’ll be sure to give you an update next week.

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