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RCB Power Rankings Week 9

We are back with an updated Power Rankings! Sorry for the delay this week as we were awaiting the results of the KU-Baylor game to finalize our rankings. Check it out below.

  1. Gonzaga
  2. Baylor
    We think it’s time we really start looking at who is better between Baylor and Gonzaga. In all of our rankings Baylor has been 2. Perhaps that might change next week.
  3. Villanova
    I (Evan) really hate ranking Villanova this high simply because they have had a huge chuck of their schedule postponed or canceled due to COVID. It raises a question that’s been on my mind: at what point do we start punishing teams in the rankings for not playing games? I realize its not always their fault, but how can we honestly assess how good they are if they don’t play games?
  4. Iowa
  5. Tennessee
  6. Houston
  7. Texas
  8. Creighton
  9. Kansas
    KU is on the struggle bus and continues to fall in our rankings. In the first few weeks of play I was convinced KU was going to be in the tier right below Baylor and Gonzaga. After a rough outing to Baylor in Waco, it’s obvious they are a tier below that. They still have time to correct the ship, but it’s time they start looking to become the best possible team for the NCAA Tournament instead of focusing on the Big 12 race, in which they are now 3 games back from Baylor.
  10. Texas Tech
  11. Michigan
    Michigan took their first L this week by 18 to Minnesota.
  12. Wisconsin
  13. Ohio State
  14. Virginia
    I’m sure Ryan from Inside the Paint appreciates us ranking Virginia this week.
  15. Alabama
    A newcomer to our rankings, we really like the way Alabama is playing right now. They have rattled off 7 straight wins including a win over Tennessee, at Auburn, and at Kentucky.

Biggest Faller: Clemson
Our biggest faller this week is the Clemson Tigers. It’s not like they had a terrible week, but after being ranked 12 last week in our rankings, Virginia absolutely crushed them by a whopping 35. Virginia. That Virginia. Put up 85 points on the Tigers. Yikes, Clemson.

Mid-Major to Watch: Drake
The mid-major to watch this week is the Drake Bulldogs. They are currently 13-0 and kicked off K-State’s abysmal season. This past week they received 42 AP votes, but remained unranked.

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