RCB Power Rankings Week 14

Landen and I are back with Power Rankings for Week 14 of college hoops! This week was pretty interesting, as ranking the last few teams on our list was probably one of the hardest decisions we have had to make so far. Check out our list below.

  1. Gonzaga
    Gonzaga retakes the top spot over Baylor simply because they have been playing games, while the (appropriately named by our fearless leader Ryan Landreth) Baylor Duckers sit at home for some vague reasons.
  2. Baylor
  3. Michigan
    Michigan is creeping into that “Tier 1” category with Baylor and Gonzaga as they only have one loss and got a massive win over Ohio State on Sunday.
  4. Ohio State
  5. Villanova
  6. Illinois
  7. Iowa
    Luka Garza is an absolute monster.
  8. Alabama
  9. Houston
    Houston is a tricky team to rank because they just lost to Wichita State and are in danger of not winning their conference. They have a lot of wins however, so it’s hard to drop them too far. But come tournament time, we would not be surprised if this team sees an early exit.
  10. Oklahoma
  11. West Virginia
    The Mountaineers rallied from a massive deficit to beat Texas Saturday.
  12. Creighton
  13. Florida State
  14. Virginia
    These last two spots were so tricky. We really don’t feel confident in either team, but just about every other team that might be considered in these two spots lost. Virginia lost to Duke by 1. They have now lost to just about every decent team they have played. It’s kind of wild that they are projected as a 3 seed in the NCAA Tournament.
  15. Texas
    The other difficult ranking decision this week, the Longhorns absolutely melted down to drop a home game to West Virginia. Texas has been slumping hard the past few weeks, with their only wins coming against the bottom feeders of the Big 12. They have a tough challenge against Kansas on Tuesday.

Biggest Faller: Texas Tech
The Red Raiders drop from 11 to out of our rankings this week after losing to Kansas on the road. Make no mistake, Texas Tech is still good, however.

Mid-Major to Watch: Toledo Rockets
The Rockets are currently 18-6 and are a projected 12 seed in the NCAA Tournament. We aren’t exactly sure why they are projected that high, but hey, Joe Lunardi clearly knows everything, so keep an eye on them nonetheless.

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